Clinch Knot

Clinch Knot

The Clinch Knot is probably the most popular knot most will have seen, used or started out using. It still remains one of the all time greats for teaching children their 1st fishing knot. ‘Ashley Book of Knots’ does show the same knot with 2 wraps called a Salmon knot dated back to 1762 but I am guessing this knot goes back well beyond that. Take a look at our video content where we give you a greater overview for this easy fishing knot. 

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

  • Easy to tie, accessible for young children.
  • Very linear neat knot.
  • Tag faces downwards.
  • Great for preventing weed in fresh water areas.
  • Easy to tie for thicker lines.
  • Prone to slippage.
  • You will also need to know exactly how many wraps for specific line types.
  • Prone to failing if tag end is cut too short.
  • On monofilament line where the line stretches under load the area holding the tag is compromised. Not recommended for Braid.

How to tie an Clinch Knot

Let’s take a look at the Clinch Knot, it’s easy but you are going to need some time testing your different lines with regards to slippage.

Clinch Knot Overview

We have gone into a little more depth in the video and given our opinion on a lot of areas that hinder or promote this fishing knot. 

Testing the Clinch Knot

Find out if the Clinch knot is one of the World’s Strongest Knots. This is part of the Worlds Strongest Knot Series where we have embarked on a mission to settle all disputes into which knot is actually, the World’s Strongest Knot.