GT Knot – Viral Version


GT Knot – Viral Version

How many variants are out there of the GT Knot?! if there ever was a competition for the amount of knots with the same name, well today we have the winner…..The GT Knot. There I thought it would be easy just to show you how to tie the GT Knot but in fact all I ended up doing was opening up a can of worms.

Overall Rating: ?/10

  • Easy to Tie
  • Can be used on all 3 main line types.
  • Very neat linear knot and on small line types the knot glides thru the rod eyes with ease.
  • Prone to slippage on braid if incorrect wrap count is used.
  • Confusion on the Leader knot, this knot is critical make sure a Figure of Eight knot is used and not a Double Overhand knot.
  • Single Line variant may be weak so be mindful of that.

How to tie an GT Knot – Viral Version

Possibly one of the quickest and easiest knots to join a line to line connection with. Ideal for Braid to Mono or Fluoro leader, you also have the option of doubling the line up.

GT Knot – Viral Version Overview

Ever wondered why or how it is possible for a single name fishing knot to be tied with so many variants and one of the variants will indeed shock you. 

Testing the GT Knot – Viral Version

There are many strength claims about this knot, hopefully this will set the records straight with some meaningful information.