Uni Knot

Uni Knot Left View Showing the Tag End Pulled

Uni Knot

The Uni knot also called the Universal Knot. As far as modern fishing knot connections go this knot has it all, hence the name the Universal Knot. If you ever needed to only know one knot to do your fishing or angling this will be the knot to choose, hands down, This knot is so old, there is an encyclopedia from 1762 with this knot in it. It’s known by so many names, Gallows Knot, Grinner Knot, Duncan Loop and the Universal Knot. So guess its got some history! Great addition to any fisherman’s arsenal. A relatively easy fishing knot to tie. Take a look at our Youtube content to get a better understanding of this knot.

Overall Rating: 8/10

  • Great all round knot.
  • It's really strong.
  • Works great on all line types with a very few exceptions - nothing an extra wrap or two cannot solve. Probably one of the greatest fishing knots for thick monofilament.
  • Knot can vary a lot in shape, feel and look.
  • Tag may be problematic for freshwater fly fishermen. Confusion with regards to how you cinch the knot up. Tag end must be drawn to cinch knot, to ensure the lower end of the knot unwinds and over wraps the inner wraps. See our "Worlds Strongest Knot" video to see the examples of this issue in practise.

How to tie an Uni Knot

Struggling with your technique on this knot?  Let’s see if we can help. This knot is perfect for all forms of fishing line. Coming Soon!!

Uni Knot Overview

Hopefully we have discussed the benefits of the slip knot seen in this knot. We will also discuss the final cinch on this knot, let’s take an in depth look at some great features. Coming Soon!!

Testing the Uni Knot

Is this fishing knot truly a thicker line specialist? Find out here.