Toit Knot

Toit Knot Front View

Toit Knot

So do we really need the Toit fishing knot in 2020, another fishing knot in an overflowing arena? Well if you think things cannot improve read no further. If you are curious and want to know more – take a look. Can this be a knot that provides the answer to all knot issues, just because we say it does, see for yourself? I have been developing this knot for about 7 years now, where I started using it while shark fishing, but have made a few alterations along the way. The idea was to introduce a few new concepts to the fishing knot arena which I have unpacked in more detail in our videos. My intention was to take different features from some of my favourite knots and some ideas I want to introduce into the knot arena that both credit already good knots and try and combine the greatest features and some of my ideas to create a knot that solves many knot issues. Has the Toit fishing knot got what it takes in this modern arena, just because it is new?

Overall Rating: ?/10

  • Very linear neat knot.
  • Easy to tie for thicker lines, have used this to tie 400Lb Mono.
  • Both ends of the knot cinch down very well.
  • Knot can be used for all types of fishing line.
  • No cumbersome outer lines or wrapped lines.
  • Tag is constrained very well.

Can be challenging for kids to tie, problematic for beginners. Tag end exiting on the leading side of the knot can snag weed when fishing freshwater.

How to tie an Toit Knot

Take a look how to tie this brand new knot. Suitable for all types of fishing line. Designed by Toit fishing for the all rounder fisherman. Coming Soon!!

Toit Knot Overview

We have tried to introduce a new concept to fishing knots where we take a look at this tension concept. Under certain conditions, slippage can result in a tighter knot, when the correct pressure is applied. Coming Soon!!

Testing the Toit Knot

Find out how strong our very own Toit Knot is. Keep an eye out for the Wrap counts as these may surprise as to how few is actually required.