Albright Knot

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Albright Knot

One of the most reliable fishing knots every fisherman should know.The Albright Knot is such an interesting knot, the Binding Technique that it has linking your 2 lines together. One of the very few knots that use this torsional constricting ability to clamp the line. Invented by Captain Jimmy Albright who also invented the Nail Knot. 

Overall Rating: 8/10

Fairly Easy to Tie. Can be used for both equal and unequal Line thicknesses. Can be used for all 3 major line types, mono, fluoro, braid. Stood the test of time.

Prone to Slippage on Braid if the incorrect cinching technique is used. Can be cumbersome to tie unless the correct hand technique is used. 15 Wraps for Braid required on both Mono and Fluoro.

How to tie an Albright Knot

What a fantastic knot, one of those knots that has truly stood the test of time, created by Captain Jimmy Albright out of Islamorada. Also Known as the Albright Special. Join us at Toit fishing for this week’s episode of Ultimate fishing Knot Guide. Line to Line connections play a really important role in any fisherman’s journey. Find out, “How To” tie the Albright Knot today.

Albright Knot Overview

Our complete Overview. One of the most popular line to line connections knots available. This knot fails for three main reasons, Slipping, Movement, and Cutting in on the final wrap. So this knot actually behaves a bit like dominoes, take a look and see how I compared these two entirely different things, well I hope I did a good job of it. This Fishing Knot is such an interesting knot as it has this ability to form a really good knot without actually being a typical knot with loads of over wrapping turns

Testing the Albright Knot

Find out exactly why there are so many versions of this knot. Braid certainly causes its problems with this knot. Take a look at our Cinching technique and find out exactly how to Cinch this knot up correctly. The results on Monofilament will certainly surprise most, what a great testament to a design born out of Islamorada. May Captain Albright rest in peace.