Pitzen Knot

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Pitzen Knot

So this Pitzen knot is a great knot and probably one of the first knots to be tied in this reverse concept allowing for the tag to be fastened slightly differently. So this Pitzen knot draws its name from a German chap called E Pitzenbauer, so kudos to him on getting a great knot like this tied all over the world. It is also similar looking to the Uni Knot where once the knot is fully tied down there is this outer wrap of this single line that runs around the inner wraps. Also a major factor here why this Pitzen fishing knot out performs many other line connections is, when the knot stretches under tension, the tag actually moves together with the bulk of the knot

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

  • Based on similar concept to the Clinch knot apart from the rear tuck.
  • Easy to tie for thicker lines. Improved clamping of the tag end detail. Tag end is constrained really well

Tag end problematic due to it sticking out at 90 degrees. Uses up excessive line for knot tying. Relatively complex to tie for younger children.

How to tie an Pitzen Knot

This is a great knot to try if you already like the Clinch knot or started out on the clinch knot, its tied in reverse and packs a punch when securing terminal tackle. Coming Soon!!

Pitzen Knot Overview

Take a look at our in depth review, great knot to try if you have struggled with previous knots with securing the tag end detail. Coming Soon!!

Testing the Pitzen Knot

Will this German knot stand up to its competitors, will it have that Va-Va-Voom I mean Vorsprung. Does it have a head start on all its competitors or will it be a bit like a flat warm beer.