Blood Knot

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Blood Knot

So what’s up with the name for this knot, certainly gets someone thinking. One of the simplest knots to start out with. One of those knots our forefathers used with a lot of success even to this day. A must knot for any avid fly-fisherman, especially when you fish a dropper loop for nymphs or larvae patterns. Just ensure the direction of the wraps is the same thru the entire length of the knot. 

Overall Rating: ?/10

  • Easy to tie, accessible for young children.
  • Streamline knot.
  • Ideal knot for creating dropper loops for fly fisheman.
  • One of the quickest knots to tie when joining 2 line types.
  • Prone to slippage if either of the tags is cut short.
  • You will need to add additional wraps for braid lines.
  • The amount of wraps will vary for all line types, which may create confusion.
  • Maintaining the direction of the wraps can be problematic for people learning the knot, easy mistakes can be made.
  • Problematic for casting thru rod eyes, there are better knots for lure fisherman.

How to tie an Blood Knot

Certainly one of the most popular knots for line to line connections, after all its based on the clinch knot and we know how easy that is to tie. Take a look at our How To tutorial and find out exactly what pitfalls and success this knot has for most fisherman.

Blood Knot Overview

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Testing the Blood Knot

Find out exactly How Strong this knot is. How does it perform with Fluoro and Braid. Learn an unspoken secret to Fluorocarbon Fishing Line.