The Toit Way

Our Mission

You know, we all have a passion for fishing but at the centre of it is this knowledge we learn from our dads, our friends or strangers on the beach, a jetty, dare I say mud bank. My vision you ask? Well it is this: to teach every person who watches this channel everything I have learned. Teach them to fish, because it’s the greatest pastime our forefathers invented.

Our Core Values

It’s the greatest pastime I know, why would I not want to share everything I have learnt or designed?

  • Questioning, inquiring, uncovering
  • Passing on knowledge, teaching
  • Relationships, friendships

Who We Are

Fishing has been an integral part of my life since the age of six. From the early days of riding my BMX bike with all my kit down to our local fishing spot, to nowadays where I find myself day dreaming far too much about the next fishing trip with friends. I want to pass on to any child, teenager or adult something that I have designed, learned, improved on or seen someone else do.

This is the side I love about fishing – the learning, questioning the boundaries, maybe improving then teaching or passing on. At my core I am a fisherman, love the bite especially when its on, but right next to that is this desire to meet, talk and see what other fisherman are doing that is different to what I know.

Our Ambassadors

Every great product needs great people behind it.

Ricky Frank

Kelsey Arndt

Kelsey Arndt our Ambassador – so excited for such a serious fishing woman to join the team. If she is not staffing nurses or fulfilling nurse requirements herself she is out catching fish. It takes a special kind of person to fish, but honestly an even more special person to care and look after our ageing population worldwide, and shes part of that team also. We met through social media and if I am honest, I’d almost given up trying to find the right person – especially for a new brand.  When we spoke initially, Kelsey said something that really resonated with me.  She said her heart was in to support the new guy, the new brand, and be on the journey from the beginning, ‘it’s so much more fun that way’. She speaks so fondly of her grandma and her dad, big inspirations to her when she started out on her own fishing adventure. If you are into freshwater fishing and photography, she definitely is worth a follow on social media. #kelsey_arndt14

It is so awesome that she is now part of our ‘Toit Family’ and lets hope we get to see and hear some great fishing stories from her in the future.

Jason Orawiec

SharkmanHD (Federico)

I actually have known of this guy for like an Age, I have followed him for some time and out of the blue he dropped me a message around Christmas Time 2022 and said one of his buddies had won one of our Split Ring Pliers on the TackleDirect Giveaway, he had used them himself and was so complimentary on how much he liked the product. It just made sense getting him on board to do product testing and also be a Toit Ambassador. If you fish for striped bass I’m pretty sure that you already seen some of my fishing videos on YouTube or maybe you follow me on Instagram or at least seen some of my fishing pictures there, I am a very well known West Coast Fisherman located in the Bay Area in Northern California and the world simply knows me as SharkMan!!!

A little bit about myself,,,I fish because I love fishing and I started recording fishing videos years ago and I put some up on YouTube, my YouTube channel is called SharkMan HD and my Instagram name is also called Sharkman_HD and fishermen and fisherwoman from everywhere from the West Coast to the East Coast & Worldwide have been asking me for fishing advice for years now from what rods and reels that I like to my favorite lures and what fishing tackle and tools that l like best because I will always give my honest opinion on all the products that I try/test.

 I truly enjoy helping people out and letting them know my favorite fishing products in hopes to help them in there own fishing adventures. Check him out on social media #sharkman_hd

Flight Brigade

Katie Zoryana

Katie….. well there is a lot you could talk or mention about her skills, gifts, talents, artistic flair, I mean you could go on and on, but one thing stood out for me. 

Her attention to detail, I noticed this on our mural or studio back round, which was finger painted by her. It took her 4 days and all I had to do was make the tea, the brews were good tho :). There are so many layers to the backdrop its no joke. I forget how many different colour’s she did, building them from the top then from the bottom. She also developed our Logo which we love, Oh and you guessed it, I think it went thru about 15’ish iterations. Thank You Katie