Bimini Twist

Bimini Twist

The Bimini Twist, its probably one of the most legendary knots out there. Hopefully we will know how strong this knot really is once we have been able to test it. Speak to most anglers and you will hear them say its 100% strong, well hopefully we will set the record straight. Technique is really important with this knot, especially making use of a 3rd “Hand” basically something you can put the initial loop around. Talking about loops this is our very 1st Loop Knot that we have looked at and what a knot to set the record straight. The Bimini Twist has possibly got the most use for a knot than any other fishing knot.

Overall Rating: 7/10

  • Looks like a Ferrari, seriously this knot even with the age of this thing it looks the Muts Nuts.
  • Tricky to tie especially if you are starting out or not sure of all the little helpful tricks and tips available to aid tying.
  • Perfect knot to create leader connections with and perfect to use along side a Bristol knot or GT Knot (actual variant)
  • The Strongest Fishing Knot we have ever tested.
  • Tricky to tie for junior anglers and also difficult if the technique you have been taught is cumbersome.
  • Also takes a while to tie especially if you are still learning.

How to tie an Bimini Twist

Bimini Twist Overview

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Testing the Bimini Twist

The Knot Test Results are literally off the scale, this is definitely the strongest fishing knot we have ever tested. Take a look at all the Tips and tricks to maximise the strength of your Bimini Twist.